Catering FAQS


What types of Catering and Special Events do you provide?
  1. Pick Up – Pick up your order at our restaurant at a designated time.
  2. Delivery – Direct delivery is available for catering orders over $50. Available within delivery areas for a delivery fee of $25 on order up to $250, a 10% delivery fee for orders between $250-$750, and a $75 delivery fee on orders over $750.  Delivery fees for individual items vary from $0 - $5.99. Tips are welcomed.
  3. Special Events – Any group of 15 or more guests will work with our Regional Catering Sales Managers to plan the perfect event. Place an Inquiry here or email A Special Events menu is used for these events with several plated or buffet options. Service fee is 20% of the food and beverage purchase.
  4. Full Service Catering – Delivery to your location, service personnel to set up, maintain, and clean up the buffet at the end of the meal period. Includes chaffing stands and canned heat.
What’s the difference between “Family Style” and “Catering”?
  1. Both terms refer to our catering program where entrees are ordered in sizes small (5 portions) and large (10 portions).


Can I use gift cards to pay for my catering order?
  1. Yes, but currently gift cards can only be redeemed in restaurant.
How do I place a catering order?
  1. You can speak with someone at one of our locations in person, call-in, email or place your order online.
PHONE: 888-MAC-GRILL (888-622-4745)
For Special Events, email, call, or place a request through our website.
How far in advance do I need to order a catering delivery?
  1. For delivery orders, at least a day’s notice. Same day catering orders are welcome, and although we will try to accommodate last minute orders, we cannot guarantee delivery based on existing orders and driver availability.

    For online ordering, there is a 2 week advance limitation.
How do I change my catering order after it’s been placed?
  1. If your order is placed online, and you have an account, simply login and make the necessary changes to your order. Please allow ample time if you are changing your order from pick up to delivery.

    If you do not have an account, placed your order with the call center or at the restaurant, call 1-888-622-4745 or your local restaurant. Payment method details may be re-requested.


When ordering online, I’m told my address is outside of the delivery area. Can I still get a delivery? What is the delivery area?
  1. Delivery area varies from location to location, but is roughly 10 miles/10 minutes around the restaurant. The restaurant can accommodate out of area deliveries on a case by case basis dependent on driver availability, travel distance and time. Additional fees may apply. Pick up by the guest is strongly encouraged for out of area addresses.
How do I tip my delivery driver?
  1. At the time you place your order, you can include gratuity on your credit card that you are using to pay for the order. At the time of delivery, you can only tip with cash.
What are your delivery hours? How early/late can I get an order delivered?
  1. 11AM to 8PM. Contact your local restaurant or 1-888-622-4745 for times outside of this range. The restaurant can accommodate a typical delivery times on a case by case basis.
Are chafing dishes/warmers included in delivery?
  1. For standard catering orders disposable chafing dishes may be purchased for an additional charge.  For special event or full-service events, yes.
Do you include plates, serving utensils, cutlery, or napkins?
  1. Yes. Disposable 10-inch black plates, napkins, cutlery, and serving utensils are included for the headcount you indicate. If you do not need these items, please indicate this as well.
Do you offer any catering packages or meal bundles?
  1. No. Our menu is designed to be á la carte so that you can choose your favorites and design your catering order as you wish. All antipasti, entrées, salads, sides and grill selections are available in small (5 portions) and large (10 portions) sizes. For a small group (10-20 people), we suggest one (1) large salad, two (2) large entrées, one (1) large side, one (1) large dessert, and beverages.
Do you deliver non-catering, to-go orders?
  1. Yes! Non-catering orders can be delivered when ordered through our website based on delivery areas. Delivery area varies from location to location, but is roughly 10 miles/10 minutes around the restaurant. Third party vendors are contracted out for these orders.


Do I need to make a deposit for Special Events or large catering orders?
  1. No. A credit card is needed in order to guarantee your reservation, but the full amount will not be charged until the day the order is delivered or the day of your event.
How far in advance should I book my Special Event?
  1. Book as far in advance as possible. While we work hard to accommodate all requests, we do appreciate your cooperation in booking early so our restaurants can plan for staffing, supplies, and event coordination.
  2. Final Minimum Guarantee is due at least 24 hours in advance of the event. We ask there be no changes to your program after we have received your Final Minimum Guarantee.
  3. Your event is not considered confirmed until you have electronically approved the booking.
How does the Special Event menu work?
  1. You will pre-select menu options for your guests according to the guidelines for whichever Plated or Buffet option you choose.
  2. A personalized printed menu will be created for your Special Event that will include your selections. Items not approved by you will not appear on this menu.
  3. For a Plated Menu: Select three (3), or a maximum of three (4), entrées that your guests will choose from at the event. You are charged at the price shown for each entrée and not on an average price.
  4. For Buffet Menus: Price per person is indicated by buffet type.
  5. If there is someone with special needs, your server will be able to accommodate them separately.


Is bread included with my order?
  1. Yes. Our famous Rosemary Peasant Bread is included complimentary. Typically, 3 loaves accompany a large order (Entrée, Salads, Grill selections or Create Your Own Pasta) and 2 loaves for small orders. Additional loaves of bread may also be purchased.
Do you have any gluten-free options?
  1. We do provide gluten-friendly tagliatelle that can be substituted for regular pasta. Please refer to our allergen guide for details on other dishes: Allergen Guide

    Individual orders for dietary restricted meals can be included in any order but will be processed as a separate transaction from the main catering order.

What are your vegetarian options?
  1. We can work with most dietary restrictions, but our most popular catering menu choices are: Eggplant Parmesan, Fettucine Alfredo, Signature Truffle Mac + Cheese and Mushroom Ravioli.
How many people does a gallon serve? Do your drinks include cups and ice?
  1. There are ten (10) 12 oz servings in a gallon. Cups and ice are included upon request.
How does the Create Your Own Pasta Bar work?
  1. Designed to let your guests decide for themselves how to assemble their pasta dish, each bar includes 1 choice of pasta, up to 2 choices of sauce, and up to 2 choices of vegetables. Italian Sausage, Roasted Chicken and/or Meatballs can be added for an additional cost.  The pasta bar comes in one size, large, which is 10 portions.
For any further questions, contact us at 888-MAC-GRILL (622-4745) or email us at